Nina Palumbo creates compositionally technical, atmospheric music under the project name "Indisposed". Indisposed songs were originally acoustic instrumentals until fall of 2015 when the songs transformed into a multi-instrumental project to create a dark spoken-word style delivery, with heavy layers of post-rock melody. Since January of 2017, the band has included Nina Palumbo on guitar and vocals, Daniel Saller on Drums ( Ikaray), Rebecca Young on bass ( You Folk.), Sam Kim on guitar (Bishop and Tideshift).


"Indisposed is an abrasive four-piece influenced by screamo, post-rock, math-rock, and spoken-word with poly-rhythmic song structures shifting pace between chaotically dissonant to melodically haunting."

Booking Inquiry: ninapalumbo@gmail.com.



Nina Palumbo teaches classical, tapping, rock, and metal style guitar both in studio and online. Previously the highest and most frequently rated instructor on  Reverb Lessons (Reverb.com affiliate) she now can be booked with TakeLessons.com or by sending an email to ninapalumbo@gmail.com TakeLessons Booking

Other Projects 

Nina Palumbo played guitar and toured in Anthony Jay Sanders, a side project started by Anthony Jay Sanders of Chicago's The Island of Misfit Toys summer of 2016.

Anthony Jay Sanders Project - March 1st 2016 - Beat Kitchen - Chicago IL

Anthony Jay Sanders Project - March 1st 2016 - Beat Kitchen - Chicago IL